Pumpkin cooked with coconut milk

Prepare for the days of social distancing because of the Covid-19 epidemic in Tho Ha ancient village, let’s buy potatoes and sweet potatoes; Which vote, which squash. This morning, the neighbor sent coconuts as a gift of herbs picked from the garden. Dad happily recalled the memory of pumpkin soup cooked with coconut milk in the past. Mom smiles…

In the first year of college, my parents were just close friends. During those times, my grandmother treated me to a lot of country dishes that were quite strange to me. Pumpkin soup cooked with coconut milk is a very strange dish, but through the skillful cooking hands of Grandma, it makes my mother excited. Gradually, mother began to feel familiar with and miss her hometown and father’s in Tho Ha ancient village. The love with my father also ignited since then. Grandma cooked and mom tasted the soup from the countryside for a long time, but the taste of the old food has never faded in her memory. Mother peeled the pumpkin, washed it, and cut it into two-finger-sized pieces. Cut the old coconut in half, grate the coconut and squeeze the juice to boil, then put the squash in the stew, just cooked, and season to taste. The pot of pumpkin soup with coconut milk is best when the squash is just ripe, soft and sweet, and the broth is greasy and rich.

My mother told me that when she returned to be a bride in Tho Ha ancient village, she often cooked pumpkin soup with coconut milk for the whole family. Grandma loves to eat and always compliments the soup her mother cooks. Not only because her mother is gentle and loving, but also because she is brave, skillful, and knows how to nurture her family. In the days of implementing social distancing because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the mother’s pumpkin soup cooked with coconut milk is still often present in the family tray, not only because squash and coconut are fruits that can be saved for a long time but also It is a simple dish, but full of flavor and quality. And more than that, it is also a reminiscent dish, containing many warm affections of the family!

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