Promoting the value of cultural heritage

In addition to tourism services, the Dao people in Sapa Vietnam also know how to promote traditional cultural heritage into many products and elements of tourism products. The villages selected as tourist destinations have all built folk art teams. Ta Phin commune’s cultural team has exploited bell dances, sword dances, lamp dances, dances in the “put tong” ceremony, “bagua” dances, and art teams in Nam Cang village, Nam Cang commune. excerpts from some unique rituals in the ceremony of “bending vermicelli”, the ceremony of granting decoction or the use of pí lè tunes… to build cultural programs to serve tourists.

Thanks to the exploitation of traditional folk materials, the art shows serving visitors are rich in identity and attractive. At tourist spots of the Dao people in Sapa Vietnam, they have cooperated with businesses to organize public holidays, festivals and community activities for tourists. These activities have been developed by travel agencies into tourism products for sale to international visitors. In particular, visitors love to see the scenes of love marriage, weddings, “put Tong” ceremony, etc. of the Dao people.

Community-based tourism has been established and developed, welcoming many tourists every year, contributing to poverty alleviation and improvement of people’s living standards. The Dao community tourism sites in Sapa Vietnam not only attach importance to traditional materials to build tourism products, but more importantly practice cultural heritages right at the community in the direction of tourism development. lasting. Ethnic cultural identity becomes a resource for the development of Dao community tourism. On the contrary, the more tourism develops, the more people are encouraged to preserve the traditional cultural heritage of their nation

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