Priceless treasure is…….

Sapa Vietnam ancient stone yard is a relic area with an area of ​​about 8 km2 located in Muong Hoa valley in the area of 3 communes Hau Thao, Su Pan and Ta Van – Sa Pa – Lao Cai. This mysterious ancient rock site was discovered by French-Russian archaeologist Glubev of the Far Eastern School of Uncle Co in 1925. The stone field has nearly 200 stone blocks which is a relic of the appearance of prehistoric people here. Here appear strange patterns on the stone with many shapes: stairs, people, roads, writing etc. there are circular grooves quite like the sun symbol, there are men and women mating – a symbol of fertility, and lots of fancy lines. In 1925, French professor Victor Goloubev proposed theories to explain these patterns.

Scientists hypothesize that it is an ancient map of the Mong people or almost an ancient book introducing ancient battles… There are many different ways of deciphering scientists when they come to research. Sapa ancient stone beach. However, until now, the deciphering of these strange patterns on this ancient rock remains a mystery to scientists. Sapa Vietnam ancient rock field is also one of the precious natural heritages, not only conveying the pristine beauty of a land but also attracting tourists. In October 1994, Sapa Vietnam ancient rock field was recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information as a national historical relic and is currently being proposed by the state to UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.

However, being present in Sapa at this time, tourists and all those who are interested in this unique relic cannot help but feel sorry and regret about an ancient stone beach that is about to “disappear”. Or rather, the priceless patterns on this thousand-year-old stone beach are being eroded by the unconscious and irresponsible actions of humans. Many large rocks located right next to the road are only temporarily enclosed. Traces of patterns have worn out much. Children climb and stomp on precious rocks. Visitors can also easily climb to the top of the rocks to see the patterns carefully or simply to take souvenir photos to prove that they have come to Sapa Vietnam ancient rock field. A large rock right next to the road, opposite the display house, is fortunate to be surrounded by cement columns, but there is no one to look after, no warning signs, so it can’t escape the tramped feet of the people. many tourists purposely climb over the security fence to take souvenir photos.

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