Pond melon

The day I realized the presence of the tiny buds of loofah in Tho ha ancient village, blinking with tender green eyes, I jumped up, ran and ran to my mother. As more motivated, I work hard, watering, catching worms every day… I care about the loofah as much as I care about a close friend.

Before long, the summer sun-kissed flowers began to sprout plump young melons. Every day that passed in Tho ha ancient village, I widened my eyes in amazement at the melon rig and the fruits that were floating. The summer rains seem to fuel the growing gourds as fast as blowing. Mom said that melon is a water-loving plant, likes to be moist, and it is best planted on the banks of a pond.

When the melons were as long as an adult’s arm, I followed my mother back up when it was still early to go to the pond to harvest the “trophy”. Mother used a knife to cut through the fruit stalk and then gently put the first batch of melons in the basket, I counted nearly two dozen fruits. Mom brought them to the market, intending to sell all the melons and buy more fish and meat to improve the meal for my brothers and sisters in Tho ha ancient village

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