Pocket 4 beautiful places to rent ethnic costumes in Sapa Vietnam

Art House

Art House is located in Cat Cat village, about 2.1km from the town center. Close enough for you to rent and visit tourist attractions in town as well as Cat Cat village. Speaking of Sapa Vietnam, it is impossible to ignore Art House, this is both a milk tea shop, a combination of homestay view and the most beautiful rental in Sapa. If you have been to Sapa 1 or 2 times, you must have heard the name “Art House”. Costumes at Art House are very diverse, including: Ethnic, Boho, Vintage, etc. With the common feature of many colors. Each set is its own creation combined with accessories that must be said to be brilliant. Renting ethnic costumes in Sapa Here, both men’s and women’s clothes are rented, many different sizes. Feel free to choose because there’s bound to be a set that fits you. Another note is that Art house has a very beautiful rooftop for taking pictures. But you have to rent costumes, buy milk tea or stay at home to take photos.

Costume rental fee from 70k

Address: 104 Cat Cat village, Sapa


My House Sapa0 74

The next address in the top places to rent the most beautiful clothes in Sapa Vietnam is My House. The name sounds like a highland village girl. There are many beautiful models here. It’s boring to take pictures all day. This shop is also the most popular in Sapa, not inferior to Art House.

Located in Muong Hoa valley, My House is 1.5km from the town bus station. About 1km from Sapa love market. Hats and umbrellas are also available for rent here so that girls can live virtual without fear of the sun. Many times, all accessories and 1 umbrella in the photo are also free. Renting ethnic costumes in Sapa rent ethnic costumes in Sapa Here, they also rent men’s and women’s clothes. If you go with a family or a couple, feel free to choose clothes. Just dress up and you’ll be a good boy. Rent a national costume in Sapa Vietnam

Address: 268 Fansipan, San Sa Ho, TT Sapa

Costume rental fee: From VND 50k

Shop to rent clothes for Quan Gio Sapa0 75

Address: Sapa, Cat Cat, Sapa

Sapa Wind Shop

Sapa Wind Shop is a cafe that combines the rental of traditional costumes of the Northwestern people. Renting clothes here, remember to take some pictures of the natural view on the terrace of the restaurant.

Renting ethnic costumes in Sapa When renting clothes, accessories are included such as earrings, hats, umbrellas, slippers, etc. No need to rent more accessories. Rent a national costume in Sapa Rent a national costume in Sapa Vietnam

Address: At the beginning of Cat Cat village, Sapa

Costume rental fee:

Short women’s wear, men’s 50K/SET

Women’s wear 80K/SET

Bohemian clothes,maxi 80K/SET

The above price includes full accessories such as earrings, hats, umbrellas, slippers, … and free checkin at the bridge of love.


Shop for renting Costumes and accessories – Lyn Sapa0 76

Another address to rent ethnic costumes in Sapa for those who are passionate about virtual living. About 2km from the town center. By motorbike, it only takes a few minutes to get there. Rent a national costume in Sapa Rent a national costume in Sapa

Shop specializes in providing and renting virtual costumes in Sapa (men’s and women’s ethnic costumes Bohemian costumes. There is also a parking support service for tourists when visiting in Cat Cat village. Clothes. Washed, fragrant, not afraid of allergies. Better than that, LYN House also has a terrace to checkin best view. Renting convenient clothes to checkin is also very nice.

Address: 012 Cat Cat, San Sa Ho, TT Sapa

Rental fee: From 50k

In addition, when going to the check-in areas, there are also ethnic costumes for rent in Sapa Vietnam. You can rent it on the spot for your convenience. Note that you must ask the price carefully before renting. Avoid being cut unnecessarily.

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