Planting sedge in Kim Son

Growing sedge and weaving sedge products are becoming very important traditional occupations in Kim Son near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. This is an indispensable profession for the majority of working people. This traditional profession does not have ancient roots like some old crafts (weaving, embroidery, stone carving, carpentry… in the province), but it has also been through many generations of people.

Since the early days of Nguyen Cong Tru’s reclamation, sedge trees here were mixed with tigers and parrots on wide, wild areas near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. The sedge grows out in the wasteland, with the top part retracted, the root part large, rafting to three corners. This type is used to weave raw mats or sedge mats. The sedge is grown and cared for in the field with a round, slender stem from root to tip, which can weave rows of grades such as bean mats, mustard mats, and flag mats. Previously, Kim Son sedge products were mainly exported to Eastern European countries. Today, the countries of the Soviet Union (former) and Denmark, Norway, Japan, and China still import Kim Son sedge products in significant quantities.

The sedge has a growth cycle similar to that of rice. The sedge is harvested in May, the sedge is harvested in October (lunar calendar). After the sedge flower has withered, it corresponds to the time when the parrot flower blooms white on the vast beach near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Brown sedge flowers, idyllic, release pollen in the wind, spreading throughout the sedge area in the harvest season, faintly fragrant. The process of growing sedge is similar to that of rice: plowing, plowing, drying, draining, transplanting sedge, then weeding, mulching, and fertilizing. The quality of planted sedge depends significantly on the coordination of salt water and fresh water in an appropriate and harmonious ratio. Irrigation system for sedge cultivation is as important as rice.

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