Pig “stealing armpit” 6 dishes in Vietnamese cuisine

The reason they are called armpit pigs is because they have a very small weight and appearance, only about 10-20 kg, so people can put them in bags, carry them around, even carry them under their armpits for convenience and name. The “armpit” pig or “badger” is derived from that. This pig has very good endurance, they find tubers and roots of forest trees and chew on leaves to be able to live. Because of eating plants, they are slow to grow, so their meat in Vietnamese cuisine is very delicious, almost no fat, even a piece of fat is not tired.

The “armpit” pig (called badger pig in some places) is a specialty pig found only in the highlands and most abundant in Lai Chau. This breed of pigs has very good stamina, they find tubers, roots and forest leaves to eat. Newborn piglets can run and jump, only follow their parents for a few days and then separate. Due to eating natural plants and slow growth, each one is about 10 to 15 kg, but the pork belly is very delicious, becoming a specialty in Vietnamese cuisine that attracts diners.

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