Phuc Loc Tho

This image is a sectarian concept from ancient Taoism. This is the symbol of three gods: Phuc Tinh also known as Phuc god, is the god of horoscopes, the god of horoscopes, who governs blessings and blesses everyone; Loc Tinh is also known as Van bone god, manages the study and exams, achieves fame and profit; and Tho Tinh is the South Pole, the old man, the symbol of long life. These three gods correspond to the three stars in the sky: The one holding the bucket, the head wearing a crown, the hand sometimes being pictured holding a child is Thien Quan Tu Phuc, also known as the Great Emperor. Loc is the god representing Loc, passing the exam, being rich, bringing fame and benefit to everyone, the image of the Deer (Loc); Tho is the southern star, with the image of silver hair and beard symbolizing longevity, holding a peach in hand

These three gods in Tho Ha ancient village, depending on the concept in each period, there is a shift in the legend. in Tho Ha ancient village, respecting those good values ​​of people through the three gods to which they are directed. Therefore, the transmission of worship as well as symbolic values are always rotated and created. Tho Ha ancient village gradually merged these three gods into a symbol of worship, with the image of the three elders on the worshiping icon, or worshiping picture, and expressed in many forms of materials. The traditional conception of life in Tho Ha ancient village holds that having Phuc, Loc, and Tho all belong to the symbol of happiness and are the human’s goal to live a better and better life. Phuc Loc Tho, also known as Tam Da, is Da Phuc (many Phuc), Da Tho (long life) and Da Loc (many fortune). The manifestations of the concept of happiness become more diverse, almost covering all that is good. That shows the expression form of the concept of happiness pervading the values of material and spiritual life of Tho Ha ancient village people. Phuc Loc Tho, therefore, is also a symbol of the fullness of a human being, of humanity, of human life.

There is Phuc already, there is Loc again, and live a long life. However, the ancients believed that Phuc was first. Phuc then Loc, Tho is a peer relationship but also contains a hierarchical order. In fact, the concept of Ngu Phuc dates back to ancient times, the ancients considered living a long life as a problem in the five blessings (Ngu Phuc). Longevity is also a blessing. Loc – wealth and wealth, is also a blessing not only in concept but also by the way of extracting words, right by explaining the pronunciation, reading and creating characters of the word Phuc. The word Phuc thus covers both the semantics of the word fortune and the word longevity and also, in the three-word cluster, the greatest value can be seen in the word blessing.

Phuc Loc Tho, therefore in Tho Ha ancient village, has learned from semantics, from cultural traditions, to conceptions and applications in daily life of Vietnamese people for human values, meeting people’s wishes, and good people. The concept and legend of Phuc Loc Tho have existed since ancient times, but applied in daily life is still wishing for the best for people and becoming a symbol of life’s wishes.

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