Pear season in Bac Ha white plateau

Bac Ha white plateau with cool climate is suitable for a variety of temperate fruits and vegetables. At this time, visitors coming to Bac Ha will be able to hand-pick ripe, sweet and cool pears with a clear blue sky and bright yellow sun. Bac Ha white plateau near Sapa Vietnam has long become a stopover for many tourists. Because here there are a series of famous landmarks such as Bac Ha Market, Mother and Son Mountain, Hoang A Tuong Palace, which always conquers visitors from near and far. Not only that, the Bac Ha white plateau also has seasons of fragrant flowers, sweet fruits from plums, peaches and especially the ripe pear season.

After the harvest season of peaches, Tam Hoa plums, Ta Van plums, now the season of Tai-burnt pears and green pears in Bac Ha is in full bloom, it is not only an agricultural product favored by the market, but also an opportunity to travel to Vietnam. Visitors to Bac Ha can visit the gardens, the experience of picking pears is also very interesting. Bac Ha currently has nearly 160 hectares of pear trees, including 20 hectares of native green pear trees planted in Lau Thi Ngai, Ta Van Chu and Lung Cai communes; 140 hectares of VH6, concentrated in the communes of Lau Thi Ngai, Thai Giang Pho, Ta Chai, Na Hoi, Ban Pho, Ta Van Chu and around Bac Ha town near Sapa Vietnam, of which more than 70 hectares are being harvested. The output of pears this year is estimated to be about 200 tons, the selling price of pears in Bac Ha ranges from 20-80,000 VND/kg. According to the experience of pear growers, in order for pears to achieve high quality and yield, they must adhere to the techniques of fertilizing, creating canopy, and pruning the fruit. Pear is an easy plant to grow, prefers moist soil, from fruit set to harvest must add water, if enough water, the fruit will be large, thin skin, beautiful ball, lots of water, crispy, sweet. On the contrary, if there is a lack of water during the growing period, the fruit will be small and easy to fall. In addition, limit the use of plant protection drugs, when the fruit is 3 weeks old, it must be wrapped so that the fruit has a beautiful design, does not burn or rot. Le Tai Nung is a tree that maintains its fruiting time for nearly 10 years. Harvest time is from the end of June to the end of July of the calendar, then cut down branches and clean the garden to prepare for the new crop.

Going to Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, many tourists often come to the pear gardens to see, take photos, and keep relaxing moments with the impressively colorful pears laden with branches. And of course, they come here to enjoy the fruit with white flesh, small core, fragrant flavor, lots of water, sweet taste with many very good health benefits.

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