Participated in the suppression of the 12 warlords

Trinh Tu, after growing up, was a general who followed Dinh Bo Linh and stayed at Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh during the Ngo Dynasty. Both Dinh Dien, Luu Co and Nguyen Bac also joined this force. When Nam Tan Vuong Ngo Xuong Van died in battle (965), 12 warlords rebelled and declared themselves heroic. Trinh Tu followed Dinh Bo Linh to defeat him.

Dinh Tien Hoang, when the Ngo kingdom died, pacified the twelve emperors, God gave his followers, unified the territory, used Dinh Dien, Nguyen Bac, Luu Co, Trinh Tu as assistants, invented the court of suspicion and determination. Setting up an army, the legitimate king of our country in Hoa Lu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, really started from there, talking about defeating the enemy and destroying the enemy is a great achievement!

The god of genealogy of To Hai commune, To Xuyen, Phu Duc district, Thai Binh said that General Pham Phong At occupied the town of Chau and brought his troops to To Hai site and surrounded the temple. Dinh Bo Linh found it difficult to resist, so he sent Nguyen Bac, Dinh Dien, and Trinh Tu to fake defeat and run away, and Phong Ace launched his army to chase, but could not keep up. After that, Dinh Bo Linh appointed Nguyen Bac as Marshal, Dinh Dien, Trinh Tu as General General, and again named Do Tu Minh as the leader of the front army, concurrently serving as a consultant to divide the army into 4 divisions to suppress 12 ambassadors.

The legend of Lap Bai communal house, Kim Trung commune, Hung Ha district, Thai Binh province said that when the ambassador Tran Lam died, Dinh Bo Linh took command of the military envoy Ky Bo Hai Khau, once he was with Dinh Dien and Nguyen. Bac, Trinh Tu went to investigate the envoy of Dang Chau (present-day Hung Yen) when they reached the Co Sach, they were able to collect 3 Pham’s cousins.

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