Origin of Sapa Thang Co dish

Thang Co is a typical dish of the H’mong ethnic group, which originated in China and was introduced to the Northwest region of Vietnam. The traditional Thang Co dish was originally cooked with horse meat, then it was modified with buffalo meat, beef, pork and lots of different creative ingredients of each region. Although many ethnic groups are famous for Thang Co, but Bac Ha, Muong Khuong, Sapa Vietnam are known for the most delicious dish.

Sapa Thang Co is cooked from easy-to-find ingredients, which are 12 traditional spices such as cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass, cardamom and typical spices of the highland people. In particular, Thang Co is considered the spice that makes this dish attractive. The meat and viscera of horses or buffaloes and cows are cleaned and boiled, then marinated with the above spices and put in a pot of broth to simmer horse bones with blood, organs and 12 spices. Continue to boil the ingredients in the pot and simmer for 2-3 hours for the meat to infuse the spices. Enjoy Thang Co in Sapa Vietnam with a little pepper, chili or salt.

Just listening to it is already fascinating, isn’t it? It is flawed if traveling to Sapa but “forgetting” not to enjoy this famous dish. When you come to the fairs in Sapa, you will see the big pot of Thang Co, enough for a few dozen people to eat. The bowl of the neck when being scooped out from the large pans compares with fatty meat, lean meat and assorted greens covering the viscera. The internal organs of the horse are preliminarily cleaned, so there is no bad smell, crispy and delicious, and blended with the pungent taste of typical Northwest vegetables such as hot pot, cabbage, cat cabbage… Especially, Thang Co dipping sauce with special dipping sauce made from Muong Khuong chili is incomparable. In fact, the original Thang Co dish of Sapa Vietnam cuisine often has a more difficult taste than restaurants because it is changed to suit the taste of tourists.

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