Opening of the Summer Festival – The program to kick off the series of events towards the 120th anniversary of Sapa tourism

At 20:00 on 3/3/2023 at Sapa Town Complex, Sapa Summer Festival officially opened. This is a program to kick off a series of events towards the 120th anniversary of Sapa tourism, with many exciting activities to bring visitors unique experiences.

To celebrate 120 years of Sapa tourism, there will be a series of special and attractive events taking place this year. The series of events begins with the opening night of the Summer Festival. This is a special art program WELCOME to the family and kick off a series of events in response to the 120th anniversary of Sapa tourism. The program has the participation of artists: Viet Hoan, Tan Nhan, Vinh Tien, Kieu Dung combined with the repertoire of artists – artisans of Lao Cai province and town.

At the opening ceremony, a series of events were introduced to respond to 120 years of Sapa tourism and launched emulation movements in the town: “Joining hands to build Sapa brand – Sapa Clean National Tourist Area” – Beautiful – Van Minh”; Mobilizing literary creation about Sapa”.

The opening night attracted a large number of people and visitors to participate with many activities depicting the unique cultural features of the locality. This is also an opportunity for visitors to feel the unique culture, learn about the national intangible cultural heritages and enjoy special cultural programs including folk songs, folk dances. of the community of ethnic minorities, unique songs and dances praising the beauty of people and nature of Sapa Vietnam.

After the opening ceremony, there will be a series of attractive events towards the 120th anniversary of Sapa tourism such as the Mau Son temple festival – Mau Thuong and Mau Fansipan, the cultural festival of ethnic minorities in Sapa Vietnam for the third time. I, the festival of love and the Festival of Roses and Fansipan flowers, the “Dream of Sapa” festival, the 6th Horse Hoof in the Clouds festival, the Sapa running race in the pouring season, etc. These programs will contribute to preserving the national cultural identity and promoting the value of Sa Pa’s own cultural heritage and at the same time attracting more and more tourists to Sapa Vietnam.

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