Nostalgia for the seasons of childhood crickets

Although I am not young now, I am still passionate about a childhood hobby, which is playing cricket and fighting fish in Tho Ha ancient village. Playing cricket doesn’t cost as much as playing lia fish, because anyone can and has the right to own from one to a few dozen crickets, whether it’s worth it or not!

“Flower season” when the flowers begin to fall and when the blooming season begins to bloom red on the branches, is when we – elementary players – the 80s – 90s ranked the research, book lights for summer vacation in Tho Ha ancient village. We young children play every game outside the lampposts, watching and looking up to wait for the annotations to fly straight to the ground. At that time, the new strong start to run in the opposite direction, grabbing hands, at the beginning… sometimes two people are startled for a match! When you start to win, if you are not happy, open your hand to see if you are killed by debris when you grab it, too strong!

To this day, I still remember and love the game of crickets in Tho Ha ancient village, sometimes crickets fly into the office following the “neon” lights after the first rain of the season, my father and I also found and caught a few fish and put them in a feeding box , sometimes bring them out to fight each other, and to hear the crickets “crow”! The sound of soft crickets in the lonely school night in the concrete housing area, revives so many memories, why do you miss the village, the windy fields, miss a childhood so much? So much memories…

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