Nostalgia for a Mid-Autumn Festival

In Tho Ha ancient village, we mobilized ourselves, went out to the garden to cut bamboo to make lanterns, and red and green cellophane, we asked our mother to go to the market to remember to buy it. The most popular star lamp, also the easiest to make, is favored by everyone. The bamboo slats are smooth, tied together and then glued with cellophane to have a shimmering lamp. The older child accompanied the child, the child skillfully helped the clumsy one, and so on, the afternoons on the porch, the August sun tanned grapefruit, the children called each other to make the lanterns. The students’ hands are still weak, so most of the lights are distorted, but no matter how beautiful or ugly we are, we are still happy because we can make a lamp ourselves.

My sister, in addition to making lanterns, also uses Viso soap boxes to make lanterns. She took the scissors and buried them in the honeycomb charcoal stove and made stars on the box in Tho Ha ancient village. Insert a candle inside, tie the stick on the handle of the box, and there is a “genuine” lantern. Some people make lamps out of cans, or peel grapefruit seeds, dry them and save them for months to make pomelo seed lamps… Hundreds of lights are just for “show” on the full moon night of August.

Then came the Mid-Autumn Festival night in Tho Ha ancient village. When we got home from school, we washed and ate quickly, took the lantern we had prepared in advance, and then rushed around the village to process the lanterns with our friends, singing “Mr. Wherever the “little army” goes, there is a bright road. From time to time we would put our heads together to block the wind to light a fire when someone’s light went out. The funniest are the ones who make lamps out of plastic soft drinks bottles, burn them for a while, and smoke. Someone accidentally let the candle burn into the body of the lamp, going around the neighborhood was the only lamp left. Looking at the bewildered and regretful face of the “lamp owner” is both funny and strangely sad.

Mid-autumn night, the moon shines on the sparkling Tho Ha ancient village. The moon mingled with the children’s loving calls to each other. After the procession of lights, it’s time to “react” to break the party. Nothing much but homegrown plants, pomelos, persimmons, guavas, apples, custard-apple and a few fruits, only pies and cakes were added later. The sweet and fragrant taste of the moon cake was eaten for the first time that day, I still remember it forever no matter how many new and different flavors I ate later. The full moon in August is forever. Round and very bright. But the Mid-Autumn Festival is becoming more and more different from the old days, when everything is available on the market, you can only buy it with money. For me, no matter how many moon seasons have passed, the Mid-Autumn Festival of the time when I was a child eager to chase after the drum is forever a stream of clear memories.

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