No name in husband’s house

Entering her husband’s house is to take her husband’s name instead of her own, so many children in Tho Ha ancient village do not know what their mother’s name is, the day I entered the army, the army recruitment team asked what my mother’s name was. I don’t know what my mother’s name is, my father’s name is Ngoc, I just see people calling my mother, Ms. Ngoc, Mrs. Ngoc, aunt Ngoc or Uncle Ngoc, who calls my mother’s own name? the recruitment officer shook his head and smiled at me and said

What kind of young man his mother’s name is unknown. That day, when nearly a hundred young men were recruited, most of them did not know what their mother’s name was to answer.

More than 30 years ago, my wife in Tho Ha ancient village was misunderstood by everyone as contemptuous. When she returned to her hometown, everyone greeted her as Ms. Nam. My wife did not understand what she was saying, so she didn’t answer, immediately reacted. The picture on the parents shows that she has a contemptuous daughter-in-law, the parents must explain and correct it for everyone to understand and sympathize with her.

I don’t know my mother’s name, so my grandmother’s name is even more obscure, so when I asked my father what my grandmother’s name was, I would agree. That’s my hometown in the past, guys, isn’t your hometown like that, if you’re a bride in Tho Ha ancient village, don’t be sad.

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