Nam Than – Nam Nhiu – Nam Sai commune Sapa Vietnam

Going through Nam Cang commune, you will reach Nam Than, Nam Nhiu and Nam Sai. All three communes are located very far away from the town area and are blessed with a majestic and poetic picture by nature, making many people mistakenly think this is Mu Cang Chai, not Sapa Vietnam. With a terrain located on the eastern slope of the Hoang Lien Son range, Nam Nhiu and Nam Sai communes inherit the magnificent picture of mountains and forests and winding streams. Along with that are the overlapping terraced fields imbued with the Northwest flavor.

Coming here Sapa Vietnam, I suddenly felt small in front of the vast mother nature, and suddenly felt lucky to be able to blend into this magnificent scene. A blue color scheme of many shades appears, soothing eyes heavy from city life. Oh, it’s still terraced fields, but when you come here, you will also be fascinated by the fields surrounding the hillside, running as far away as the stream. In addition to admiring the magnificent picture of this commune, people can also learn about the indigenous culture of the Xa Pho, Dao, Tay, Giay,…

Admire the houses covered with moss rolled into rows. round bun on the roof. Admire the grandmothers and mothers in national costumes, their hands quickly crocheting each beautiful brocade shirt and scarf. The most suitable means of transport to visit this commune is a motorbike. With a motorbike, you can easily stop at any place you like to take beautiful check-in photos. However, you need to make sure your steering wheel is steady because the mountainous roads in Sapa Vietnam are not always as flat as those in the lowlands.

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