Nam Cang commune Sapa Vietnam

For many people, Nam Cang may be a rather strange place on the Sapa Vietnam tourist map. But if you are someone who likes to find wild, deserted spaces like me, going to Nam Cang commune is the ideal choice. About 30 km from Sa Pa town, people drive motorbikes or cars towards Hoang Lien Son National Park, the road is quite easy to go. Along the way to the commune, you will encounter large streams, pass through lush green forests and see houses peeking out from behind terraced fields. Each wave of green rice mixed with golden waves is enchantingly beautiful. So beautiful but few people know about it, Nam Cang commune always keeps the feeling of purity and peace.

Coming here in Sapa Vietnam, you can experience trekking to explore the mountains and forests, walk around the villages and admire the panoramic view of the beautiful picture of the commune. The most beautiful time to see Nam Cang terraced fields is July – mid-August. This is the season when the weather in the commune is quite cool and pleasant, with an average temperature of 20 – 25 degrees Celsius. In Nam Cang there are many Beautiful stream to admire the scenery, check in and cool off. Among them, Nam Pa stream is one of three large streams in the commune. Coming here, you will be able to touch the clear and cool water. There are Mong and Dao ethnic people living in the village, so when staying in the village, you can enjoy delicious specialties and have the opportunity to learn more about the traditional culture of the local residents.

If you prefer to hide in nature even more, you can choose Topas Riverside Lodge in Sapa Vietnam, a boutique resort designed in a rustic “homestay” style, located deep in the pristine forest area of Hoang Kiem National Park. Lien, connecting through Nam Cang village. As a resort in the same system of Topas Ecolodge, Topas Riverside Lodge focuses more on cultural exchange, connection and exploration of the great Northwest. Here, you will see the most authentic Sa Pa – a remote and quiet mountainous area, nestled among vast clouds and sky, without the hustle and bustle of bustling cities.

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