My mother, my first teacher

Mother rarely told me to do this, that in Tho Ha ancient village… but whenever she met neighbors, friends, or even small children, everyone she greeted cheerfully first, then she turned to me: “It’s my turn. which child!” I followed my mother, as a matter of fact. Mom thanked me for asking me to get her the basket. Every time like that, I feel happy, see myself as a “worker”. Mom apologized for having to visit Uncle Tu, who was sick, so he couldn’t take me to his grandmother’s house on Sunday to play as promised. At that time, although I was very sad, I did not blame my mother because through her apology, I felt that she had not broken her promise. Just like that, one story at a time, I learned from the way my mother treated me…

Growing up in Tho Ha ancient village, when I was aware of the lesson about politeness, I asked my mother: “Children meet adults must greet, why do you greet first?”. My mother laughed: “Children often do as they like, it is difficult to force them, adults must set an example! But when I say hello, the child responds. If he doesn’t say hello back then I’ll have an excuse to say he’s not good and he’ll realize that. If you ask him to say hello first, he will feel uncomfortable and wonder why he has to say hello…” My mother had never attended any psychology class, and she did not have the opportunity to interact with the pages of books about books. this, but my mother is a person who understands young psychology very well.

Back in the day, my brother and I loved the stories my mother told me. Although she worked hard, in the evening she still took time to tell us stories. This is the story of Man Tu Khiem who was mistreated by his stepmother but still asked his father to forgive her; the story of a little girl who loves her mother, carefully shredding each petal with the wish that her mother live a long life with her in The Tale of the White Chrysanthemum; the story of eating star fruit to pay gold, having a gentle brother, a greedy brother; the story of the slow tortoise that won the hare in the race… After each story, my mother often asked: “Who do you like? Why did the quick Rabbit lose?” Over time, we got used to it, after listening to the story, without waiting for my mother to ask, my brother and I competed: “Mom, I like the gentle and honest Tam”, “Being greedy is not good, isn’t it?”…

Every day in Tho Ha ancient village, gently and skillfully, mother let us understand the noble meaning of filial piety, tolerance, generosity, good direction and self-reliance to rise up in life, humility, not pride. complacent… As I grow up, I feel more deeply inspired by the stories my mother chose to tell us. I secretly thank my mother for helping us to look into it and live. Remember when I was in 9th grade, my mother sat quietly, her eyes filled with tears when she heard that I had entered the national team to compete in the national literary competition. I was overjoyed, danced, and shook my mother’s hand: “Mom, why aren’t you happy?”. My mother brought her hand to the corner of her eye, then hugged me in her arms: “I’m so happy, baby! Your daughter is so good!”

I passed the exam that day excellently. My contest of feeling the beauty of folk songs and folk songs was filled with my mother’s lullabies during my childhood and the gentle and profound explanations that my mother still whispered to our brothers and sisters every night. Rustic, loving words and deep melodies through my mother’s lullaby not only helped me soon feel the language, but also felt the love of life, the beauty of nature, and the sacred feelings. of family, friends… to include it in your homework. Now, I am a mother of two children. And my mother, now traveling in the white clouds. Missing my mother, I learned from her how to teach her children to teach her children. I know, then my children will be like me, grow up and become adults…

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