Mung of sour salt water

In the chilly weather, it’s the weekend again, suddenly I crave the sour pickle. Just think of a bowl of yellow salted nettle, next to a bowl of roo with a few slices of red hot chili peppers and a bowl of fragrant white rice that is smoking, so many memories of a time come rushing back. Miss you so much, the distant days!

Remember the bed of water in front of your pond. The pond is quite shallow, around the pond are luxuriant mists of water. Leaves are like umbrellas from the sun. The special thing is that it is green all year round. The big stalks are cut up, the leaves are chopped to cook food for pigs, and along the mosquito nets, you make a lot of dishes. After removing the skin, you cut it into thin slices to make mannequins. Usually when it’s time to eat, I make this dish. All kinds of spices, sweet and sour, but I miss the smell of thinly sliced lemon leaves!

When it was time to eat, he sprinkled roasted sesame seeds just enough to turn yellow, crushed peanuts and sprinkled on top. Just heard the taste but already craving. Sometimes I cook soup along the mosquito net with chicken. But only occasionally. Those are our best meals…The dish we remember most and are most familiar with is your uncle’s pickled brine. In Tho Ha ancient village, my hometown, many people also use salt, but I don’t understand why this dish is so delicious under my uncle’s hands. Remember once, Tam said to my uncle: Why do you also salt the squid according to the recipe of the squid, but it is not sour, not beautiful yellow, sometimes even sweet. Ah, also strange. Looks like it’s on hand. Mrs. Minh, Uncle Dien, Mu Loi… and even my mother used to salt but never tasted as good as my uncle’s bowl of salted nettle.

Knowing that I like this dish, when I go to school away from Tho Ha ancient village for Tet, in the summer, I will always pick it up for me. Once he even worked for me to bring to school. The jar of pickled mustard that day brought down to the dormitory room, everyone complimented. I have also watched you do this work passionately. I also want to make this rustic dish myself, but it’s really not that simple. The mosquito net is washed, cut the thread, let it wilt slightly, then wash it again to pickle. Uncle salted into a crock pot, which is a jar associated with many memories of his grandmother. Uncle said that in the past, grandma was also very skillful, she also loved this pickle, for the first time, she was praised by her grandmother, making him more confident. No wonder my uncle has so good salt!

I choose pure white salt grains. Carefully choose the stalks, and if you mix a few stalks, they are considered to be discarded. The subject of eating is itchy as if the whole throat is pulled out, the meal can only be considered discarded, so it must be carefully and carefully selected. Usually about three or four days is the ninth. At that time, he chose the garlic he had just plucked from the garden to pound, and the freshly picked lemon leaves were thinly sliced to sprinkle in.

Mango has just enough sour taste, attractive aroma. Along with genuine Dien Chau fried rice, eating only “dead rice”. The days are far away, wish for luxury. A meal of white rice eaten with a dish of sour salt water is a happy heaven. Mango can cook fish soup. The sour taste of the mosquito net, the sweet taste of the fish cools the heart. The smell of basil, dill just makes people want to inhale the chest tightness.

Today, the pond in front of the house has become a lovely garden, every season wakes up, sometimes it is a bed of tomatoes, sometimes a bed of lettuce, kale… but I still remember the dust along the old days. before. The people in Tho Ha ancient village don’t have much salt on them anymore. When craving, just going to the market to buy a few thousand dong is enough for a meal. But I don’t know why I keep nostalgic about the food when I was a kid. Mung of sour salt water, the dish is not easy to forget.

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