Multi-ethnic culture in Y Linh Ho

Y Linh Ho village is home to many ethnic minorities in Sapa Vietnam, scattered on the mountain slopes, and 02 of the most densely populated ethnic minorities here are the Black H’Mong and the Dao. Today, Y Linh Ho is divided into 2 communes: Y Linh Ho 1 and Y Linh Ho 2. Each commune currently has about 100 households of H’mong and Dao people.

The people living here are really friendly and hospitable people, always ready to invite visitors to their home when you come to Sapa Vietnam. A special thing in this village is that the houses here are carefully and meticulously made of bamboo and made by the villagers themselves. They often live near terraced fields, corn fields, and potato fields to facilitate farming.

The village is always a peaceful place, completely different from other noisy and bustling tourist destinations in Sapa Vietnam. Traveling to Y Linh Ho village is an opportunity for tourists to both relax and enjoy the beautiful landscapes and learn more about the daily life of the Mong – Dao ethnic group.


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