Mother’s gift…

Mom’s market gifts are sometimes a bag of pre-cut sugarcane or a few sweet, sweet honey cakes, sometimes a plain cake or a to he made from glutinous rice flour, when playing bored, you can heat it on embers. let it swell and then bite it crispy, fragrant… I still can’t forget the moment when my mother lifted the top layer of fabric on the basket, revealing the rice cakes still scented with the leaves. Banh mi from Tho Ha ancient village is made of plain rice, wrapped in banana leaves, filled with wood ear and a little pork. In the filling, people have reduced the seasoning to taste, but I still like to cut each piece of cake and dip it with fish sauce. Fragrant fragrant rice mixed with salty and salty fried wood ear mushrooms, plus the smell of banana leaves. Eat a big cake and still feel hungry.

And sweet cake is made of glutinous rice flour, outside is a layer of molasses surrounding the green bean paste inside, soft, sweet, and chewy. My mother said, every time I eat a cake with honey stuck around my mouth, I look like a clown. At that time in Tho Ha ancient village, I hurriedly ran in to check the dew, laughed and blamed the poor cake. The most interesting is still the eye-catching red and green turtles. I complimented the person who molded the to he so skillfully, then happily held the to he in hand and ran around the neighborhood showing off to my friends. When they have a toe like me, we have a chance to compare which one is more beautiful.

The rooster has the image of a rooster with a bright red crest, a pig with a chubby cheek, a buffalo with a black horn, then birds of all kinds, flowers and leaves full of colors… as if there was a magic. Some inexplicable technique kept us hooked. Although we wanted to save it forever, but we were afraid that it would spoil if we kept it for a long time, so in the end, we children also grilled the to he on the coals and ate it wholeheartedly.

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