The day she was accepted as a worker in a State-owned enterprise, her mother was only in her twenties. Young and beautiful. I also have a few people notice, but somehow, I’m not moved by anyone, nor because of “cocoon” as many people say. Grandma scolded: “Old picky, my dear! You see, the daughter of this village, they have children to carry, I carry them all.” Mom just smiled: “I’m not getting married, Mom”.

Grandma said over and over, mom still hasn’t changed. She quietly went to find matchmakers for this and that group. Mom didn’t like it, shook her head. She let out a sigh.

Yet suddenly the mother was forty. People call her mother an old aunt, an old lady! In fact, I never thought about getting married. It was like that when I was young. At this age, I don’t even think. Mom counted. There, she worked as an assistant to support her elderly parents and young children. When my parents die, my mother will go to the temple to take refuge in the Three Jewels and take refuge in the Buddha’s door until she dies.

But I create teasing. After many years of giving up, forgetting about her mother’s husband and children, until she felt pain in her body, thinking that she was going to be close to heaven and earth, she was eager to find a matchmaker for her high-numbered child – the mother. If her mother refused, she would cry for life and ask for death. Loving her, she had to close her eyes and raise her legs.

The day Grandma came down to ask her mother to be a bride, everyone was overjoyed. Finally, my mother went to get married. The grandmother shed tears of joy because she was able to take care of her last child safely, as if she had fulfilled the responsibility of the parent.

On the day of taking the bride, the mother knew her husband’s face – a tall, elegant man. Well, it’s also a fateful fate. Mother sighed and followed her. Broken heart. When she returned to her husband’s house, her mother knew that my father has even wife and children, but all girls, and his wife can’t give birth anymore. Mother bitterly swallowed her fate, but the boat crossed the river and could not turn back.

When she got married, mother still worked as a worker and was granted a small piece of land in her husband’s hometown in Tho Ha ancient village. Half a year later, mother became pregnant, father consider it done, go back to live with the first wife. The mother-in-law also chased her mother: “If you have land, you should also consider building a house to live on your own?!”. So my mother worked hard, working day and night, taking advantage of the land vehicle in the field to return to her land, lagoon, ramming … also got a mound high enough to build a small cottage. Thanks to this person, the other person’s help, finally near the confinement day, mother also has a thatched roof and earthen walls to pick up the child in Tho Ha ancient village

The grandmother is happy when her grandchild is “like his father”. Dad came back from the city to slaughter pigs to celebrate with his brothers and neighbors. He was glad that he was sixty years old and still had a son to inherit, so that the villagers could no longer say that this family name would be the absolute best in his life. At the cottage, the mother lay hugging her child despite the tears rolling down, the mother smiled, her eyes suddenly far away.

Dad comes back just to see if you’re a boy or a girl, to see if it’s worth it for him to get you back, and then leaves again. Grandma came to hold the grandchild for two days, on the third day, she put the child in a haystack, then said: “There, mother and daughter are going to take care of each other, but no one can carry them forever” and left. Mother choked without making a sound. Mother is hungry, child is thirsty for milk, crying day and night. Only mother. Airplane vegetables, rice, snail scales… around the house, they raised their children during the days when the mother was lying in bed.

Then I was strong enough for my mother to take care of the children, then go back to work. But before long, I was sick and crying. With no one to look after, the mother had to take a break from her strength to have money for her son’s medical treatment. A single mother ran back and forth, many nights awake holding her child made her listless and collapsed. Sick mother. So how much money saved (several tens of thousands) all wrapped up and left.

Mother and daughter returned from the hospital when the house ran out of rice, ran out of money, and she had no job. Not knowing where to hold on to, your father returned. Before she could be happy, he told her that she gave her son to him, so that he wouldn’t have to raise them and don’t have to worry. Her mother’s pain and frustration were all put into her chest, sharp pain. Mother pushed him out of the shack with all her might, shouting: “Get out! You scoundrel, you son of a bitch!” Embracing her child, the mother wept for her child, mourning for her daughter-in-law in a foreign land.

For the sake of my children, I revived my spirit and bought some fish sauce. So every day, from early morning to late evening, with a pair of light burdens on her shoulders, a child on one side, fish sauce on the other, her mother walks around the village on the lower hamlet. “Whoever fishes here, here is Cat Hai fish sauce!” Mother carries fish sauce to exchange for rice to raise children. Children grow up on the burden of mother’s fish sauce. Mother’s lullaby is the word of fish sauce, the sound of heavy burden, the smell of fragrant fish sauce.

Mother is weak, I study and work at the same time. Fifteen years old, the age of not eating enough, worrying has not come yet, I have been with my mother through many difficulties and tribulations of life in Tho Ha ancient village. I’m old before my age, friends keep saying my thoughts are always like a young old man. Three years as a mechanic, I understand more about the hardships of life. I secretly urged myself to try, not to give up so that my mother and I would have a better life in the future.

Then I went to University, my mother was alone at home, old and weak, I loved her very much but could not return. Every time I receive a letter from you, I want to go back to visit you, but the way back more than a thousand kilometers is too long. Four years, on summer days, on New Year’s Day, I didn’t come back. I go to work all kinds of jobs to cover my life, study expenses and even save a little to send back to my mother. From being a tutor, running a coffee table, looking after a car to being a stone cutter… I do it all. My student life is also very difficult. But I always encourage myself to be determined, I don’t allow myself to be discouraged, because in my hometown, a mother is waiting for me every day.

Now, thinking back to the past day, I cry and laugh again. We’ve gone through many difficulties, won them all, haven’t we, mother. The mother is nearly eighty years old, her hair is white, she is happy every day with her children and grandchildren in Tho Ha ancient village. I know, mom is very happy because her grandchild is obedient, healthy, and her daughter-in-law is gentle. Mom, our house is not big but it is solid and decent, and is about to welcome another member.

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