Mom cooks tea

When I was a kid in my hometown in Tho Ha ancient village, every family had to cook a pot of a few dozen dishes of braised tea, first to put it on the table to worship ancestors, then to eat for a few days until the full moon of January. Braised tea My mother cooked very well, delicious, but because that day there were not many sweets like now, delicious because when going out hungry, it is available to cut into cups right away. Delicious because of the sticky aroma of glutinous rice, the sweetness of sugar, sugarcane, the fatty flesh of green beans, the strange aroma of cardamom and delicious because of Mother’s cooking.

The ingredients were available in every home in Tho Ha ancient village that day: Glutinous rice + green beans + molasses + cardamom bought at the market (a must-have). Melt molasses and then add glutinous rice + cooked green beans + cardamom (about 2 – 3 cooked crispy crushed berries) while simmering and stirring evenly, pour into a plate to let it cool down very quickly.

Then put it on the altar, and leave the rest in the pantry. It’s been cold for a long time, sometimes it’s past the full moon of January, sometimes it’s moldy on its face, that’s okay! When eating, remove the mold layer with a knife, cut the toothpick, sometimes eat it, it’s delicious!

Now, sweets and cakes are too delicious, children probably don’t like them anymore, I’ve been away for a long time, I don’t know if there are any cooks in my hometown? Thinking about it still craves, it’s sweet and fragrant of sticky rice, the flesh of green beans smells like cardamom again, when I go out hungry, I come back and have a piece to put in my mouth and chew it deliciously! A young childhood in Tho Ha ancient village, miss Tet!

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