Modern love market in Sapa Vietnam

Sapa Vietnam love market today has changed a lot. The love market is still there, activities still take place but only to serve tourism and has now become a unique tourist destination for tourists. People come to the love market to reminisce about the past when every late Saturday night there will be several groups of young people coming to perform trumpet playing and dancing for tourists. Tourists come to Sapa love market to satisfy their curiosity about a strange market of highland ethnic people.

Currently, Sapa Vietnam love market usually holds once a week on Sunday morning. The night before (usually every Saturday), young men and women from remote villages come before the market to spend the night meeting and exchanging feelings (usually playing tug-of-war, blowing the flute, etc.) singing love songs…) according to the traditional customs of our people. After a night out at the market, many couples became close and promised to meet again in the next market. The following spring, many of them became partners for a hundred years. Maybe that’s why poets in Lao Cai call them love markets

Since the afternoon, down the street and in the church yard, we have seen many women with their heads wrapped in red scarves and wearing gorgeously embroidered costumes with silver bracelets, silver buttons, and small coins attached to their shoulders. Even more attractive are the sounds that follow each step, from the beautiful copper rattles attached to the head scarves. Their subjects are Dao boys dressed in Cham shirts, scarves of the same color, watches on their hands and a cassette player on their shoulders. In a certain corner, several boys gathered around a girl. They brought their cassette players close to the girl to record love confession songs in ethnic languages. Seeing a stranger, the girl bowed her head in shame or covered her face with her hands, but still sang with a shaky melody. Any tourist who visits cannot forget the exciting moments of Sapa Vietnam love market.

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