Mixed in the scent of Thi

I perched on Thi’s branch, passing from branch to branch looking for ripe meat, my head tilted like birds looking to catch deep in the canopy of leaves in Tho Ha ancient village. The woman below narrowed her eyes and looked up. Occasionally, she gently reminded: “Be careful, kid!”.

Branch of Thi kept whispering her song in harmony with the music of the afternoon wind and the trees and flowers in the garden. A cheerful, full of life music, but I couldn’t catch the rhythm of it. It is an impromptu song under the control of the conductor, the wind lady with a complex personality. Sometimes gentle and gentle, sometimes lively and noisy, sometimes angry and angry… I know that from the movements of the trees.

I leaned over, trying to reach for the ripe yellow Thi fruit hanging outside the small branch. The wind rushed to shake the trees, painting Thi. The fruit fell to the ground, cracked open; I lost my hand, struggled; the woman below exclaimed worriedly…

I woke up startled in the middle of the night in Tho Ha ancient village. Oh, it was just a dream! A dream takes me back to the past with sweet memories of the days when I was still with her. Even if it’s just a dream, it still feels real. My heart beat faster and the corners of my eyes were still wet. The nose kept rising and falling, the scent of the market wafted through the room. The scent of Thi fruits I bought from an old lady at the market in the morning. The fruits of Thi disc are a bit flat, small, and yellow, which I liked very much in the past. They are lying in the small bamboo basket on the drinking table. It was they that brought me back to my childhood dream.

I still sit with my knees on the bed in the middle of the night to listen to the scent of the market in Tho Ha ancient village, to remember the old days when I used to hang around with her. But in the nostalgia of sobriety, there was only me, and she turned into a cloud nearly ten years ago. Naturally crave her love scolding. Naturally regret the dream. I lay down, tried to coax myself to sleep, and if I was lucky, I could resume the dream I just had.

But my mind is strangely awake, lying down but the sleep does not come back. Even though the Thi fruits on the table still smelled like she picked me from the tree with her that day. Before my eyes is not the darkness of the house in the quiet of the night, but the garden of her house with luxuriant fruit trees. The autumn afternoon sky in Tho Ha ancient village is very gentle with light white clouds floating, adorning the blue sky background more vividly. In the garden I stand, the wind plays with the leaves and the trees play with each other. Swing, shake, shake to let the ripe fruit radiate fragrance. Then the wind picked up the scent and spread it all over the garden. I looked up to find Thi’s left eye and laughed.

Why was I so naive when I was young? Whenever she eats fruit, she is timid because she is afraid that she will bite Ms. Tam inside. Ms. Tam in the story that she often tells. She lives in the large fruit of Thi, ripe yellow and fragrant. She knew the worry of her little grandchild, and gently patted the grandson’s head with her wrinkled hand. Her smile was slightly bitter and bitter, blending into her nose. Ms. Tam has been living happily with the king since that day. Now, Thi is just Thi. Seductive fragrance. Smooth, golden skin. Mild sweetness. My baby that day, after listening to her pats, reassured me with a few ripe Thi fruits.

Scent Thi still wafts through her garden, all over my house, but now I can’t find her when I look for her. She turned the clouds into the sky and roamed everywhere. She followed the wind and caressed the leaves in the garden. She can be heard in the sound of the bamboo broom he sweeps across the yard every afternoon, in the steam of boiling rice emanating from the small kitchen. In the incense of Thi nine, I couldn’t find Miss Tam, Miss Tam went to the king’s side, but I found her. I met her in my dreams with the scent of Thi.

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