Mining bamboo shoots in Sapa

Exploring Sapa Vietnam tourism, visitors will easily find bamboo shoots sold everywhere. But few people know that, to get the best quality bamboo shoots, the ethnic people here have to spend a lot of effort. Normally, the work of finding and digging “bamboo shoots” will begin around March every year. From the ground, the young shoots will sprout and grow into small bamboo shoots. To dig bamboo shoots, local people have to bring spades, bags with food and drinking water for the journey to dig bamboo shoots on the mountain.

This seemingly simple task turned out to be not easy. Quality young bamboo shoots in Sapa Vietnam must be the tops that are still incubated in the ground, when they have sprouted up, they will not be as delicious and fragrant. So, in order to exploit, people have to crawl into the bushes, find the bamboo shoots or look closely around to see if there are cracks in the ground.

A trip to find bamboo shoots will usually go through 3 stages, of which the first stage will be to find bamboo shoots in the ground. This stage is considered to be the most difficult, when the ethnic minorities must observe carefully as well as have certain experience when searching and digging bamboo shoots.

When it is not possible to find more bamboo shoots lying in the ground, people will start to move to the second stage of finding bamboo shoots that have grown above the ground. However, they only choose the tops of bamboo shoots with a length of about 25cm, so that they still retain a certain taste of bamboo shoots.

In the third stage, one will look for bamboo shoots in Sapa Vietnam that are already knee-high. This type of bamboo shoots is not of high quality, when eaten, it will have a bitter taste and not as delicious as the previous two stages. However, it is still exploited because it can be used to process into some delicious dishes to serve tourists.

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