Men’s costumes of the Mong people

Men’s clothes of the H’mong (both Black Hmong and Hoa Mong) include a shirt and pants: Men usually wear short blouses at or below the waist, narrow body, slightly wide sleeves. Men’s shirt has two types: five-body and four-body. Men’s pants are very wide legged legs compared to other ethnic groups in Sapa Vietnam. The head is often covered with scarves, there are groups of hats around, with silver circles carved with patterns, sometimes wearing silver necklaces, sometimes not wearing.

Men’s Shorts: This shirt is made of indigo-dyed linen. The shirt is slit in front or on the right side and buttoned fabric, the long sleeves become smaller towards the wrist, when worn it just hangs over the waistband. Sleeves are embroidered with silk patterns or have lots of blue fabric borders around the wrist or up to the elbow.

Men’s pants are very wide leg pants compared to ethnic groups in Sapa Vietnam, with the shape of a trapezoid. These two shapes are combined together on the overall Hmong male costume. Men’s clothing often uses rectangular shapes, squares more than other shapes. However, for the Hmong men’s clothes, they use a downward trapezoid. Here are two costume cubes in a static pose. It is easy to see that on the costumes of both Hmong men and women in Sapa Vietnam, almost no round or oval shapes are used, a dynamic shape. The trapezoidal shape evokes the same message in the forest space. Are their lives associated with the mountains and forests, the shape of the solid and sturdy mountains has been imprinted in their subconscious and since then, the expressions in life also carry the sentiments of the Mong people. .

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