Men’s carelessness

The sparrow seems to be looking for a friend, wandering alone on the tree canopy. If you can understand its language, Thach also tries to help. But, just like the shouts are coming from Thach’s wheels, no one understands after the click, the bird is busy looking for something. Thach did not know since when did he dream and think miscellaneously like this. As if Thach in the past had peeled off his skin into another person. Thach in the past considered a bird to be a bird, and a blade of grass to be a blade of grass; without forcing or placing any special thought or concern. He shivered for a moment when he remembered that he used to look at people that way, too. That is, he did not bother to dig into any words to understand what the other person wanted to say. They named it the indifference of men.

Thach parked the cake under the shade of a tree by the roadside in Tho Ha ancient village, turning his gaze from the bird to the small cake he ate for lunch. A few cakes without filling for him, simply because he did not have the ingredients to cook just enough. These cakes are so similar to him in the past: they look exactly like other cakes, only when you peel the skin and take a bite, you will realize the lack of inside. Thach imagined the cake as a child. A skinny kid with a waiting head pretending to be a salty, drought-stricken perch, runs to work to carry noodles, sell lottery tickets, and help clean up groceries in the market. That kid is used to obeying adults’ orders to keep his stomach full and skin healthy. The gold and silver time of the wholesale business makes people unable to make up any words. Each sentence uttered as terse as fast, hurry up, carry over to Mr. Tam, this bowl, Aunt Hai, it’s soft… Never had the kid guess anything. The little boy is always short of breath, running from one place to the other with tired feet according to the available programming. Its heart most of the time choking because it has to pump oxygen continuously for a series of activities beyond its age, is that why it is no longer strong enough to feel the vibrations? At a time when the mind could not help, when the supplementary teacher could not stand the sight of students who only sporadically left each night in Tho Ha ancient village, a few children were bored to leave, the boy remembered his father shrugging in the pungent smell of alcohol mixed with alcohol. Black nose that if you don’t mind, words can’t be stuffed into your stomach.

Thach doesn’t remember how many words he swallowed in time, sadly, he remembers very clearly the delicious dishes he was lucky to taste in the past in Tho Ha ancient village. A piece of cake with little filling is stuck in the neck, swallowing it forever. Thach looked over to the other side, opposite him was a wall that was plastered with limescale and moldy mildew, with posters of music programs plastered on it. The words are too many, he can’t read them all, only familiar with two words facing each other. And for him, it is also close to hunger… The voice is still regular, the female voice is clear and crisp, “Who is the cake, the cake is sweet and delicious to kiss”. The human voice was pushed by the transmitter higher than the wings of a bird, but then it also fell, unable to reach the places it needed to go. The proof is that Thach’s wheelbarrow is weak, it’s still sunny and full of kids. Do not know when the call to find the person Thach needs to find.

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