Memories of the old days…

There are many people who say that the first days of November are likened to a romantic, sweet, passionate and profound love song. Why is that? Is it when the east wind comes, the morning dew spreads the way. The chilly winds are enough to shake the young green leaves in the garden, making the calico cats curl up in their nests, not wanting to get up. The gentle cold wind gently awakens a whole region of childhood memories of the winters with her mother. Suddenly called “Mom, I miss home”, Tho Ha ancient village.

November is weird. I often think about my mother more often. Because November has the mother’s birthday. My grandmother said that “your mother was born on such a windy day that she will easily encounter difficulties on the road of life …”. Isn’t that the case, but the whole life of a mother who has worked hard to sacrifice for her children has not had a day of rest. My mother kept describing from morning to night from corn season to potato season. Working hard from the summer to find firewood to the drizzly winter day, planting young seedlings. I love my mother so much. But I still like to think about my mother. My mother is like a peaceful resting place in my life in Tho Ha ancient village. Thinking of my mother, my soul is always at peace. All the hustle and bustle on the way to earn money on the road to earn a living will be softened, but in that case, maternal love has been deposited into a stream of peaceful memories that crept into the heart.

Back in November, I fell in love with the small road corner in Tho Ha ancient village and have been with me for almost 10 years. When I arrived in this city, it was also the early days of November. This place contains a lot of sweet things about tolerance. The street I live in has reopened after the pandemic days. I am fascinated by how many shimmering shops, the voices near and far and love the charming smiles of street vendors. I once read a book that said that November is the month of nostalgia, the season of love. Yes, that’s right! The cold of November seems to make people yearn to be closer to each other, to share warmth with each other.

Remember the time when you went to school in white with sweet memories with friends, teachers, and school in Tho Ha ancient village. It is in the months of November that my heart will open the door of memory to appreciate the gratitude of the teachers who have taught us to be human. To remind us of a silent ferryman’s holiday. At that time, at the beginning of November, my class teacher would disseminate many related contents to celebrate Vietnam Teachers’ Day. The class was also very excited when any of the students were called to the art team. At that time, it was very fun to dance and sing… Just thinking about it makes my heart flutter. Really remember. Teachers have taught us good things, about altruism, about things that value labor “work is glory”. However, sometimes we blame ourselves that by being carried away by the hustle and bustle of life, we have mindlessly forgotten about simple everyday things like calling, texting a few lines saying “Teacher, how are you? eh”. That’s it, why can’t we do that?

When I was a child in Tho Ha ancient village, everyone used to practice spelling “If you want to go, you need to bridge Kieu. If you want children or words, love your teacher”. Maturity, maturity as today is thanks to the education of teachers and parents. I want to say thank you to November so much. Will always remember the teachings of the teacher. Suddenly remembered the verses “There is a profession with chalk dust on hands. It is said that it is the purest profession. There is a profession that does not plant trees in the ground. But gives Life full of sweet fruits and fresh flowers”…

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