Memories of Coc Leu Bridge

Coc Leu bridge near Sapa Vietnam began to be built by the French in 1907. There is a little known story, that is, in the past, Coc Leu bridge also had another name, “Goi Oi” bridge. This name is even an emotional source for Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Duong to write a collection of short stories “Beside the Gioi bridge”, with many memories of this historic bridge. “Chu Coc Leu is a symbol of a long historical process. It is not a coincidence that there is a folk song – Who brought us to this place, beyond Coc Leu, this side of Lao Cai. I think, Coc Leu bridge if Deep exploration will have many layers of memorable history,”

In 1979, Coc Leu bridge near Sapa Vietnam was completely destroyed during the border war. People once again have to cross the banks of the Red River by boat. In 1994, Coc Leu Bridge was rebuilt by the hands of Vietnamese workers. The bridge has helped Lao Cai town to revive and develop faster, and trade activities have become bustling.”Emotions after the Coc Le bridge was opened, the people of all Lao Cai province were excited. Working, exchanging goods, transporting international guests is very convenient,” said Mr. Le Minh Thao, former Chairman of Lao Cai Literature and Art Association.

In line with the development, meeting the increased traffic volume, in 2012, the third time Coc Leu bridge near Sapa Vietnam was rebuilt with a scale of 4 lanes. Experiencing many ups and downs of history, Coc Leu Bridge has firmly existed and developed, like the flowing Red River for thousands of years, like Lao Cai resiliently overcoming thousands of challenges to go up.

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