Means of transportation to Y Linh Ho village

The Y Linh Ho  in Sapa Vietnam is full of simplicity but has a beauty that is not trivial. Please try to visit, use your eyes and heart to feel the simple and warm beauty of the ethnic people in the lovely Mong – Dao ethnic village. Moreover, with the space full of vitality, with the beauty of energetic labor and an image to motivate you to strive and become better and better. Because the road to the village  in Sapa Vietnam is quite winding and difficult to go, to get here you can choose one of the following two ways:

By motorbike, you can rent a motorbike to move here, it only takes about 15 minutes, but the road is a bit difficult to go, so you need to be firm in the steering wheel, have experience in running the pass to ensure safety.

Trekking, this is the form chosen by many tourists and tours because of the experience it brings, you will be immersed in the village space, the images of human rice fields that you meet all the way. true path. If you start from Sapa, you will move in the direction of Lao Chai village in  Sapa Vietnam, after going through the village, run about 3km more, you will meet the village. Y Linh Ho village will appear in front of your eyes with the image of looming bamboo houses and beautiful terraced fields.

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