Maybe it’s fate

Vy came to rest by the tree in Tho ha ancient village. At noon, after lunch, each person has an hour of rest. Vy usually doesn’t know what to do at that time. It is better to bury your head in a pile of books and papers than to let your mind leisurely think. How to suppress the hatred that is only about to erupt like a volcano in his heart when Huy because of his plans to leave love with Vy.

Dien woke up, surprised to see Vy sitting next to her. Vy looked at Dien, who happened to be sitting next to Vy on the train and before getting off left Vy with a small handful of candy. Vy still kept it in her coat pocket. Vy reached into her pocket and held out a handful of red and green candies in front of Dien:

– Would you like some candy? I just started working at the pottery factory. How about you?

– I used to work here too, but that was eight years ago.

Dien brushed off his pants and stood up, looking up at the tree in Tho ha ancient village. In this place, the trees are really close.

– Oh, my name is Dien.

“I remember that.” Vy smiled.

Dien laughed. Maybe fate. That’s right, all encounters in life are fate. To see with Vy, fate will bring Dien surprises. That night, in the small room for workers, Dien and Vy lay side by side listening to the sound of dew falling outside the trees right next to the wall. Dien talked about the days when she failed the university entrance exam and followed her aunt here to make pottery in Tho ha ancient village. The night shifts were cold and wet, and the shoulders were drenched in homesickness. On sunny days, skin burns, nosebleeds are mixed in the bowl of rice and the smell of coffee.

– Why did you come to this place then?

– I need money and also need another space to ease the sadness of failing the first year university exam.

– You seem to miss this place more than you say?

– YES. She also has a pure love.

Vy rubbed her head on Dien’s back and smiled. The two sisters curled up in a thin blanket, falling asleep. Early in the morning, when both were still sleeping soundly, they saw a few people talking in the courtyard. Vy rubbed her eyes and poked her head out of the shack. As if she could not believe her eyes at the image of a man holding a backpack standing in the morning mist, Vy turned to shake Dien up.

– Sister, sister. Was it the right person in the same carriage as my sisters that day?

Dien rubbed his eyes and looked closely at the emaciated and austere man. It was the same person on the train.

He bowed his head and crouched on the porch waiting for the men to rearrange their living quarters, giving the newcomers a place to stay. Vy reached out to help her backpack, but he was startled and hugged her tightly. Vy smiled and said he looked so lonely, but everyone who came here seemed to be alone. What about Vy? Vy smiled and said, please don’t ask, more sad. Dien thought she must have run aground in this place. Stranded in Vy’s dazed sitting posture, and the backpack containing the secret of a man named Phong.

Once seeing Vy keep staring at her backpack, Phong said:

– That’s my child. Four year old kid. If you don’t warm it up, you’ll get cold.

“Where’s your wife?” Vy asked.

– She left.

Because he used to be an alcoholic.

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