Mau Thuong Temple

Known as one of the most sacred temples in Sapa Vietnam, Mau Thuong Temple is the place to worship Holy Mother Lieu Hanh – the princess for the country and the people, supporting the court against foreign invaders, protecting the peace for the people. live on the border of the country. Looking from afar, you have seen a glimpse of a temple with its back leaning against the majestic mountains, facing a large and airy space. Entering the temple in Sapa Vietnam, take your time to bow down and offer incense with a cast statue of Princess Lieu Hanh in a sitting posture, her hands clasped in front of her chest full of dignity

Spiritual tourism in Sapa Vietnam in the summer, you will have the opportunity to attend the Mau Thuong Temple festival from April 9 to the end of April 14 of the lunar calendar. The special religious activities held can be mentioned as chau van singing, palanquin processions, folk sacrifices, …

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