Making rice paper rolls in Tho Ha ancient village

Tho Ha ancient village rice paper rolls are rustic and simple, but contain a lot of love and energy of the people and become a precious gift of the Cau River countryside. The advantage of Tho Ha ancient village spring rolls is that the cake is not too thick or too thin, flexible, easy to roll, when soaked in water, it is still tough, not broken like some other types of spring rolls.

Rice paper rolls in Tho Ha ancient village is made of rice with many stages such as soaking rice, grinding flour, coating, drying, cutting cakes. The rice is soaked from the previous night, until the next morning, it is ground into flour, coated with cakes, and dried and cut.

The process of drying the cake greatly determines the quality of the finished product because if it rains, the cake will be moldy. After being coated, the cake is spread on a bamboo screen to dry. On sunny days, it only takes 2 hours to dry the cake. If the sun is too hot or too dry, the cake will crack easily. When it’s cool or rainy, you have to dry the cake with a dryer.Then, the bakers will put it under the fan to make it soft and chewy. When the cake is dry enough, people peel each cake out of the pan to cut.

Tho Ha ancient village rice paper rolls has become a famous brand throughout the South, outside the North, even reaching out to the world market. Many agents have come to sign contracts to export to Taiwan, Korea, Japan and European countries.


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