Making friends in Quan Ho – Tho Ha charm

The people of Cau River have long believed that, having played Quan Ho, they must be shrewd and clear. That means they must understand, must play in a way, must be nobleminded and must sing with all their heart, preserving the traditional identity. And to be able to preserve that cultural beauty, Quan Ho people have a very unique custom of making friends.

Notably, in the activities of Quan Ho in Tho Ha, there is a deeply humanistic custom of making friends. Cultural researchers assert that, in other types of folk songs, people who sing together may not be familiar with each other, but especially with Quan Ho, those who play Quan Ho together must make friends. Therefore, the custom of making friends has become an important custom for all “lien anh” and “lien chi” in Tho Ha. If you don’t make friends and sing together, it’s only called “singing in pranks”. Therefore, a mandatory requirement for each Quan Ho group is to befriend at least one other Quan Ho group.

According to experts, making friends between Quan Ho villages or between Quan Ho “groups” has existed for a long time. It is rooted in the custom of twinning between villages. The twinning between the two villages has a hereditary nature, the villages consider each other as brothers, especially helping each other in production and life. In difficulties and tribulations, they stand side by side to support and help each other overcome difficulties. When having fun, great things, they do not forget to invite each other to join the fun and meet for the full love. Thus, the custom of twinning is a long-standing custom, it enters the Quan Ho naturely.

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