Making a project of a lifetime through passion

“Watch out at your feet, don’t step on flowers” Luc Thanh Chien – a veteran of Fansipan in Sapa Vietnam that day reminded, “it’s not easy for each flower tree to grow at the foot of this pillar, you have to give each bag of soil and fertilizer. up there…”. The security guard of the cable pole slept in a shack in the forest and kept watering so that the flowers could stay where it was before dark, the dew had already covered the tops of the trees. I remember when I was at the station taking the cable car, I was overwhelmed with flowers, asked the staff member: Are the flowers easy to grow here, the flowers are so big. He laughed: “It’s not that easy, sister. This rocky soil, no tree can live…”

I have seen that instinct, in the old, grainy rhododendron roots, the color of time is kept intact on the sacred peak of Fansipan in Sapa Vietnam, proudly on the paths along the mountainside, despite the frost. I also imagined what it is like to cross the forest to pull the cable to the top of the sky, through the trip with the “warriors” who made that cable car, during a visit to the “old battlefield”. Yet they did. They turn gravel into fertile soil, they make the barn, hydrangea race to bloom, the flower is bigger than the bottom many times. Sunflowers here are like… a pan. Sa Pa ancient persimmons are fragrant in the foothills of the mountains. A few peach and plum trees in mid-autumn that sporadically produce new flowers.

Unable to go all the way that the cable construction workers went, because the road was too dangerous, we returned, took the cable to sleep at the top. The 4-degree cold in the middle of autumn and the sound of the wind whistling outside the heated room was still enough for me to imagine the peak winter nights, when the workers were still carrying each stone, each cubic meter of wood to the top, to completing the works, in the freezing cold made them freeze. Dawn dyes red and yellow on the entire Fansipan peak in Sapa Vietnam, signaling a beautiful day. Walking along Arhat Road, walking through spiritual works, rhododendrons fell, telling the story of how they were preserved in that day to be as sustainable as 300, 400 years ago. Newly planted azaleas sprout new sprouts. Clusters of red raspberries by the roadside. Sa Pa roses, infrared … planted scattered along the aisles, bloom on the porch of spiritual works.

In a place where in the memory of cable construction workers, only azaleas and dwarf bamboos could stand, now flowers bloom in abundance, green trees cover the mountainsides. It is only possible to explain the feats for a project, to decipher those green efforts with only one thing, which is love for the destination, passion for making lifelong works of people. do tourism like Sun Group.

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