Lychee season awaits

In the middle of summer, in Tho Ha ancient village the sun flutters on the canopy of green leaves, endless yellow glitters and sparkles covering a large space. Early in the morning, she came in from the garden to urge her children and grandchildren to quickly visit the garden, that the lychee was fully ripe to prepare for tomorrow’s harvest.

The children quickly ran to the garden in Tho Ha ancient village. I was amused and couldn’t help but scream when the bunches of berries hanging loosely between the green leaves caught my eye. So fast! Just a few days ago, the fruit was still green, tiny, but after a few periods of sunlight, the fruit was red, the skin was plump. My whole family has been waiting for the lychee season for a long time. Since the end of spring, the new tree will give bunches of small, beautiful white flowers, bringing incense to urge the bees to collect honey. And until the resulting fabric is green, to the touch, you can still feel the tickling thorns.

Last month, while visiting the garden in Tho Ha ancient village, my mother looked up at the litchi flowers and said that this year lychee will be a good season. And true to my mother’s words, this year the fabric is so detailed, each beam, each beam falls down like very beautiful tiny chandeliers. The fruit is also larger and more succulent. The old litchi trees in the garden are from the old days left by grandparents. The trunk of the tree was so big that I couldn’t hold it in my arms, and the luxuriant foliage was tall and wide, creating a cool space. Naughty Ut dropped his sandals, climbed barefoot on the biggest fork of the tree and grabbed a bunch of fruit with his hand. Sitting perched on a tree, peeling cloth and eating on the spot. It also dropped me a bunch to try. Although I have eaten lychee many times, the feeling of eating at the garden always gives me a new and irresistible taste. The thick, succulent lychee pulp has a sweet taste that blends with the sweet and sour taste, eating forever.

Ripe lychee season is also the hardest season for the whole family. From early in the morning, when the dew is still on the bark, the whole family has to go to the garden to pick lychees. My mother said, picking early in the morning, litchi is more delicious and succulent. Each person did their own thing: Dad used a pole to pick lychees, I helped him pick them up and put them in a basket, and Mom used a knife to cut them open, divide the bundle evenly into bundles, and at the same time, she also picked up worms and flat fruits. go out. Mother also did not forget to cover with a layer of banana leaves to make the lychee fresher. The lychee is different color from time to time. Everyone cherishes and takes care of the goods to carry the lychee to the customer with complete joy.

Like in the morning they are ripe and red, looking very good, in the afternoon, they are dark like salted eggplant in the wind. Mother just bundled the cloth and copied the regret of the lychee bunches, howling and eating. The lychee has a good taste when it comes to surgery, but if it is too much, people will feel sorry for it. A few years later, my father knitted bamboo cages to shield the fabric beams. It doesn’t cover it all, but it does help a bit. The howling herd still came to peck the fruit. Sometimes my brother and I would run to the garden to chase them away, they flew around under the laughter of the two brothers. When the lychee season comes back, it always reminds me and my brothers and sisters the image of their parents taking care of each fabric market, collecting money for us to study, buy beautiful clothes and shoes. Lychee is not just an ordinary fruit, but it is also the love of the motherland nurtured and cared for by parents. Growing up and going away, remembering the occasional lychee season with me is the image of my mother and father taking care of the cloth early in the morning, harvesting it, bringing it to the market to sell, and the image of a back wet with salty sweat, the scent of time imprinted on the corners of the eyes. the eyes are hard and hard. I have what I am today, a litchi garden that was saved from my mother’s land and raised as a human.

Another lychee season is back in Tho Ha ancient village. I am waiting for the day of my leave to return to my beloved homeland. Having been away from home for a long time, I craved the succulent lychees in my hand to eat in the garden. I also want to be with my parents to harvest lychees, to chase away the monks and laugh in the golden afternoon sun. Just thinking about that, my heart is full of joy and happiness, happiness rushing back softly…

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