Love and Forgive

Think about the memory to see that love and forgiveness are two things that are needed in this life. Life goes on and on in Tho Ha ancient village, take a little time to remember at the end of the year to know that you need to let go. Letting go here is accepting that everything that happens in life has its rules and that the world has this and that. Letting go is for me, for me. Happiness is having memories to remember, to think about. Old houses pass by in memory, memories rushing back sometimes make me suffocate. I think of my grandfather, my grandmother, Mom and Dad and loved ones who have passed away.

The custard-apple tree is so familiar that even now, having gone through many years of life in Tho Ha ancient village, whenever I see a custard-apple tree anywhere, my memories are quickly activated about those childhood days. The sweetness is a bit sour because it is not fully ripe or not ripe with our excited hands, the state of toughness… it makes me have to reach up to pick the custard apple, or remember. about that old taste and state and gulped down his throat. My grandmother went to a far away place with him when I was 5 years old. At the age of not knowing how to miss and regret the loss, I was still being driven to my grandmother’s house every day by my father and from there to school. The person who took care of me and my cousins at that time was Aunt Ba, because of the closeness, we all called her with two familiar words, Mama and Ba. We still call “go/go to grandma’s house” like maintaining a habit of thinking that it is an unforgettable familiar place in our memories, even though we grow up later and still have many memories whenever we go away to remember Mom and Dad. like the most peaceful place in life!

As time goes by in Tho Ha ancient village, we are young, we grow up, then we grow old, and many of my parents’ generation also return to eternity. Mom and Dad left us years ago. Her house suddenly felt far away, only in memory. I suddenly remembered a line from a French song: “I left this whole earth to you, but without you it becomes small”. Human life, memories thicken, sometimes knowing how to say love or miss something, it’s all too late, sometimes with regrets.

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