Live like a tree

Dien visited Tho ha ancient village where she worked at the age of eighteen. Going back to the grass is always as pleasant as a small fish being released into a green river, like a bird being released into the sky on a clear day. Dien went to find each tree of memories. The golden phoenix tree is still standing there by the small stream that sparkles like a white silk strip circling the side of the farm on moonlit nights. At the age of eighteen, thousands of kilometers away from home, Dien used to borrow a tree stump many times to take a nap. The enchanting yellow flowers make Dien fall in love and forget about the sadness of reality.

Dien once thought, then we will all only exist in each other with a sitting posture. The person sitting on the pedestal in the chair. The person sitting with his head raised on a certain mountain range, puffing his chest to catch the wind. There will also be people sitting alone. As for Dien, it must be that sitting posture leaning against a tree is both lonely and calm in Tho ha ancient village

Over time, Dien will surely turn into a tree root so that he can be wrapped in tangerine trees, embraced by heaven and earth. Under this golden phoenix tree, Dien once loved a person in Tho ha ancient village. Now that love has gone along the small stream. Only the foolish feeling of love remained, my heart fluttered without any calculation. Dien thought and fell asleep. The shade of the phoenix tree is enough to create a heavenly sleep.

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