Legend of the otter associated with King Dinh Tien Hoang

Legend has it that in Hoa Lu cave near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, Dinh Bo Linh’s hometown, there is a very deep lagoon. In the lagoon there is a large otter that has lived a long time and has become a chimpanzee. Mrs. Dam Thi (Dinh Cong Tru’s wife, Dinh Bo Linh’s mother) often goes into the dress to bathe. Until one day, she was violated in the body by that otter and then came back to conceive. When the full moon bloomed, Mrs. Dam Thi gave birth to a handsome and handsome son named Dinh Bo Linh. Not long after, her husband Dinh Cong Tru died, the otter was also caught by the people to be slaughtered and put the bones in a corner. When she heard the news, she rushed over, picked up the bones and packed them in the kitchen attic, told Dinh Bo Linh that it was his father’s remains.

Even Dai Viet Su Ky Toan Thu only introduced Dinh Tien Hoang’s background very simply: Dinh Bo Linh was born in Giap Than year (924). About the background of Dinh Bo Linh: In the past, the king’s father, Dinh Cong Tru, worked as a dental general of Duong Dinh Nghe, was assigned by Nghe to hold the position of Thu Su Chau Hoan, then returned to Ngo Vuong, still holding the old position. , and then lost. The king orphaned his father at a young age, his mother’s surname Dam brought his family to live next to the temple of the mountain god in the cave. When he was a child, the king often accompanied the children to herd buffaloes in the fields.

In the story The flag of reed history, author Nguyen Nhu (written in 1920) said that Cong Tru and Dam Thi had been in a relationship for over ten years but had no children. As a highly talented and well-educated person, Cong Tru was appointed to the position of Thu Su, to govern the Chau Hoan region. After 6 years of taking office, Dam Thi’s wife in her hometown had new conditions to visit her husband. Husband and wife meet happy, sad. Unexpectedly, disaster struck in the middle of that night… A stellar general (Meteor) in the sky fell to the Thu Su palace. The aura of the star was strong and widespread, and the heat of the day dried everything, so a fire broke out, causing all the treasures, barracks and mansions of the Thu Su official to be burned down. Also from that time, Cong Tru suddenly became bedridden, forbidden to speak. Dam Thi and her family and confidants worried that: “Anyway, Cong Tru can’t live anymore, because if he doesn’t die because the court blames him, he will also die from this disease”, so everyone immediately brought Cong Tru. come home. After returning to Dai Huu near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, Cong Tru disappeared from the mountain, and that’s when Dam Thi discovered she was pregnant. After a while, the imperial army came back and prosecuted Cong Tru for burning houses, treasures and mansions in Hoan Chau, so he sentenced him to “exile in exile and confiscate all his private residences and lands. But when Cong Tru was gone, the court man asked about Cong Tru’s son and said, “In the future, if you give birth to a son, when that child is eighteen years old, he will have to bear the guilt of his father.”

Dinh Thuc Du and his wife (who is the younger brother of Dinh Cong Tru) were worried and decided to protect their grandchild, so they made up a story that Dam Thi was raped by an otter. If a son is born, he is also a “mixed race”, not the son of Cong Tru. That was an excuse for Dam Thi to take refuge in her grandmother, Dam Gia Trang near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. After nine months and ten days, on the full moon night of March 924, Bo Linh cried and was born.

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