Legend of Nham Hao promotion temple

Having heard a lot about the monuments in Hoa Lu Ancient Capital near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, but when getting information in Nho Quan district, people have just discovered a cave of the most beautiful type in the North, which can be compared to Phong Nha – Ke Bang. We decided to come here to see what’s going on. Strange, strange, we had to stop by the Commune People’s Committee to ask for directions. Coincidentally, when talking about wanting to learn about the above issue, Mr. Quach Van Thai, police officer of Lac Van commune near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, agreed to guide us.

According to Mr. Thai, the cave we want to learn is called Nham Hao cave, the road to the cave is complicated by winding limestone mountains and steep cliffs if not local people certainly cannot. can move. Mr. Thai also said that to get inside, you need to go through the main cave entrance by boat on a lake about 1 acre wide and then follow the direction of the water to swim into the cave. Because he is familiar with the terrain, soon Mr. Thai brought us inside the cave.

Those traveling in the group couldn’t help but be amazed by the magnificent natural beauty of this place. Inside the cave are stalactites with strange shapes of elephants, tigers, fish ponds in rice fields, mulberry fields, water-rolling dragons, golden dragons nesting in the cave, Buddha statues of Tathagata Buddha, with protrusions like thousands of layers. waves, stalactites like clouds of five colors…. At the bottom there is also a position of deep and clear water called bottomless fish pond, creating an extremely majestic ink painting. According to the book “Dai Nam Nhat Thong Chi” (page 242), it is recorded about Nham Hao cave as follows: “Tam Dong mountain is 8 miles south of Yen Hoa district, close to the river, there are three rock caves: One is Nham cave. Hao (now called Ngoc Cao cave) in Phuc Co commune near Tam Coc Ninh Binh is about 9 zhang wide. Under the cave, there is a stream of water flowing to the fish pond at the back of the cave, the pond is one pole wide, with clear water, next to the Tam Phu temple, on the top there is a stone statue, known locally as Cao Son Buddha.

Two are Phuc Co and Hien Quan caves, the entrance opens into two doors, the middle is 8 zhang wide, with small round pebbles shaped like pills, used by locals to treat diseases, also effective; there is a slit water line, winding from Nham Hao cave all the way to Bach cave. The third is Bach cave in the territory of Hien Quan commune in the cave with a width of more than 10 zhang, the way from Quang cave in, the two sides are overlapped with layers of rocks, divided into the shape of animals, behind there are stalactites falling down with ginseng; A strip of winding water from Nham Hao cave flows to transparent water color. Legend has it that in the 2nd year of Tu Duc (1849), an official of Yen Hoa district named Pham Van The came here to visit the mountains. While patrolling, he saw a fairy figure with a cloud of five colors escaping from the mouth of Nham Hao cave near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. Knowing that this place was ruled by the gods, when he approached the cave entrance, he saw many shapes like fairy heels on the stalactites, guessing this was a sacred land, so the district member had to cut his own perks. I assigned it to the department, started repairing the inside of the two caves to place the place of worship, built a lotus, built a Buddha image, as a place to worship the gods called the inner and outer pagodas.

Along with the inner pagoda in Ngoc Cao cave, arranged into 3 pagodas after being repaired, the people in Hien Quang offered some fields right in front of the pagoda, including 21 acres, to make temple fields. According to Mr. Vu Van Vuong, Chairman of the People’s Committee, when he was still a student, he heard from the elderly in the village that before 1978, there were two monks named Thich Dam Lien and another person whose identity is unknown. lived and practiced here. Later, when there were frequent floods here, the two monks moved to a temple in Ninh Binh city and passed away there. Although Tam Phu Pagoda was no longer due to rain and sun, floods were destroyed. In addition, it is too long a time without being cared for and recreated by human hands.

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