Learn how to grow flowers from Ha Giang

Buckwheat buckwheat, also known as buckwheat, is a typical flower for the northern mountainous region that usually blooms in late autumn and early winter. From the main road going deep into Lu Than commune near Sapa Vietnam, you will reach the “paradise” of buckwheat flowers with close-knit hills dyed in pink. The field of brilliant flowers, immense purple-pink color stretches endlessly to the end of the horizon, making all visitors wonder and bewildered. That large natural tapestry has created many miracles, inspired artistic emotions for artists’ souls. In the distance, rows of sandalwood trees with a proud and contemplative stance surround the buckwheat flower garden like sentinels. The pink color of the flowers stands out against the dark green background of the sandalwood trees, creating a beautiful picture of nature.

Rarely do flowers change color as much as buckwheat. When budding, the flowers show off their pure white color, and then, before the breath of heaven and earth, turn pink with purple light, and finally turn dark red. Even if you “put on” any color of your clothes, a large hillside and thousands of buckwheat flowers make people ecstatic, hard to resist before the fragile but seductive beauty. It can be said that nowhere has the vast buckwheat flower fields like in Lu Than near Sapa Vietnam. Here, we met Mr. Giang Seo Chu, the first person to bring the buckwheat flowers to grow in Si Ma Cai.

While taking us to visit the flower hill, Mr. Seo Chu talked about the difficult early days of growing flowers. Giang Seo Chu said that, in October 2013, he followed a friend to the buffalo market in Ha Giang, along the way he saw a lot of tiny pink flowers, planted in vast fields. He also saw many people entering the flower fields to take pictures. When he met a friend in Ha Giang, he asked to know that it was a buckwheat flower, which people planted for tourism services. So, in November of that year, Giang Seo Chu went to Ha Giang to buy buckwheat seeds to plant. Seeing beautiful flowers, many people came to visit and take pictures. In that case, Mr. Seo Chu earned nearly tens of millions of dong for renting photos and driving motorbike taxis to take guests to see flowers all over the hill. In the next crops, he planted more than 3 hectares of buckwheat. That is the largest buckwheat planting area in Lu Than commune near Sapa Vietnam. Seeing the effect from buckwheat, nearly a hundred households in the commune also planted buckwheat, bringing the total area of buckwheat to 20ha.

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