Le Long Kinh

Le Long Kinh was a prince of the Former Le Dynasty in Vietnamese history. He was the 9th son of King Le Dai Hanh. Born in Hoa Lu capital near Tam Coc Ninh Binh. He was awarded the title of Trung Quoc Vuong in 993, based in Can Da, the land of present-day Hung Yen province. He was killed by Le Long Dinh in 1005 because he opposed this fifth brother to the throne. Based on the year of birth of the third son of King Le Dai Hanh (986) and the year of his coronation, his birth year ranges from 986 to 993.

King Le Dai Hanh had more than 10 princes, after the death of the eldest son, Crown Prince Le Long Thau, the third son, Le Long Viet, was appointed Crown Prince. In the middle of 1005, Le Dai Hanh died near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, the princes competed for the throne, fighting for 8 months, there was no owner in the country. The main dispute occurred between the crown prince Le Long Viet and the second prince Le Ngan Tich who is the oldest of the remaining brothers. In October 1005, Le Ngan Tich lost and fled to Thach Ha (Ha Tinh) and was killed by the natives. Le Long Viet ascended the throne as king, ie Le Trung Tong. After 3 days, Trung Tong was harmed by his brother and mother, Le Long Dinh, who ordered people to climb the wall to sneak into the palace, at the age of 22.

In 1005, Le Long Dinh ascended the throne near Tam Coc Ninh Binh, some brothers did not obey, even rebelled. The king himself led his army to fight against the Northern King Le Long Can and the Chinese King Le Long Kinh, and calmed them all. At that time the king had ascended the throne, Long Can and Long Kinh held Phu Lan and Can Da to resist. The king personally went to fight: the two kings closed the entrenched citadel. After a few months, the city ran out of wages; Long Ngan arrested Long Kinh and brought it over. The king ordered to cut Long Kinh and forgive Long Ngan. By the way, bring troops to fight King Ngu Man Le Long Dinh in Phong Chau; Long Dinh had to surrender. Since then, the kings have all submitted. From then on, the kings and bandits all surrendered

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