Lao Chai – A village full of life

Although it is a place of residence and living of many ethnic groups near Sapa Vietnam, there is no struggle or discrimination between different religions and ethnic groups. The H’Mong, Ha Nhi, Giay … live in harmony and are extremely united, ready to share and help what belongs to their neighbors. Each nation will promote what belongs to their strengths. If the Giay people cultivate wet rice in the valley near the water source, the H’Mong and Ha Nhi people grow maize, cassava, and upland rice on high hillsides and mountain slopes behind the village.

Famous for the image of terraced fields near Sapa Vietnam, created by enthusiastic people in the past, reclaiming the barren hilly land to now become fertile farmland. Fortunately, if visitors come here in the ripe rice season around September – October, it is difficult for anyone to take their eyes off the iridescent golden fields.

The image of the H’Mong and Ha Nhi indigenous people enthusiastically working near Sapa Vietnam, keeping hot shelves in the middle of the vast fields, talking and laughing, carrying rice, and stubble, etc., create a picture of seasonal activities taking place. lively, full of life.

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