Lao Cai February – Canola flower season is inviting

Lao Cai is a famous land as the “land of flowers”. Especially around February, which is the time when canola flowers bloom extremely brilliantly, bringing attractive beauty.

Sapa Vietnam is an attractive destination for visitors to “immerse” in the brilliant yellow canola flower garden. Coming to Sapa, you should go to Ta Van village, Cat Cat village, these are 2 spots with fields of bright yellow canola flowers singing in Sa Pa. The misty scene is warmed by the golden color of the sprawling rapeseed field.

Not only in Sa Pa, canola flowers are also found in many highland districts in Lao Cai such as Bac Ha, Muong Khuong, and Si Ma Cai. The most prominent is probably in Bac Ha. On the occasion of February, on the white plateau of Bac Ha, it becomes a vibrant destination with pure white plum blossoms, crimson peach gardens, especially the brilliant yellow of canola flowers. Come to Bac Ha near Sapa Vietnam, you should visit the Fruit and Vegetable Farm, where the flowers are colorful in the spring. The fruit and vegetable farm is open for free to serve tourists, just 1 km from Hoang A Tuong Palace, this is the most attractive destination in the Bac Ha white plateau at the beginning of the year.

In addition, Si Ma Cai, Bat Xat (especially Y Ty area) or Muong Khuong near Sapa Vietnam are places where you can easily see the charming yellow color of the blooming mustard flower garden, bringing a feeling of relaxation, lightness and relaxation. full minutes. It can be said that Lao Cai is the paradise of brilliant flowers with a beauty that makes any visitor who sets foot in the fields of yellow rape flowers “ecstatic”.

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