Landscape of Y Linh Ho

Coming to Y Linh Ho village in Sapa Vietnam, visitors will surely be surprised by the scenery of the village. It is unbelievably beautiful. It is beautiful by the beauty of the terraced fields and the vast cornfields. As the main source of livelihood of the people here, the fields here are taken care of by the locals. Therefore, the wet rice fields are always luxuriant and have extremely colorful colors that attract domestic and foreign tourists, especially in the harvest season. During the harvest period, this village always welcomes countless tourists to admire the beauty of nature and take unique photos of the ripe yellow fields in a corner of the sky.

Terraced fields are not only a great highlight of the landscape in Y Linh Ho village in Sapa Vietnam. It also has the Hoang Lien Son mountain range and the peaceful and fresh Muong Hoa stream, giving visitors an extremely relaxed feeling. Muong Hoa stream is downstream of Silver Waterfall. The stream flows softly through Y Linh Ho village in Sapa Vietnam, looking like a giant snake winding around the vast terraced fields. It gives Y Linh Ho a new shirt.

In the ripe rice season, the yellow color of the fields reflects on the water of the streams, creating a magically beautiful scene that visitors will never forget. This stream helps the local people build irrigation works to supply water to the terraces and moreover, it also provides food for the villagers such as shrimp and fish.

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