Kingdom of flowers

The total time of the climb is only about 2-3 days in Sapa Vietnam, even those who are proficient and in good health can do it in one day. A rule for climbers here is not to litter in the forest, to protect the environment. If you do forget, you can be severely fined or be reminded by other visitors immediately.

A mountain that is much easier to conquer than Hoang Lien Son is Ham Rong mountain right next to Sapa Vietnam. Any visitor can go up there to see the whole town, Muong Hoa valley, Sapa, Ta Phin hidden in the smog. Located at an altitude of nearly 2000m, Ham Rong mountain is only about ten minutes walk from the center. From here you will see the town of four springs covered with clouds, the prototype of many international award-winning paintings and photographs. Beyond the terraced fields are the golden harvest season, swirling endless circles, full of life. On the left side, the Ho village is like a mirror of the sun, dark red in the afternoon. Besides the natural beauty of nature, this place is also beautiful thanks to the embellishment table of humans. Going to Ham Rong, visitors seem to be lost in a fairy garden, clouds are full of people, flowers are brilliant on the ground.

You will get lost in the “kingdom” of fruits with specialties such as flower peaches, big yellow peaches, small yellow peaches, plum plums, purple plums, tam hoa plums, lily flowers, plum blossoms, pear flowers, peach blossoms. , chrysanthemums, roses … especially immortal flowers live forever with time in Sapa Vietnam. Couples who love each other will hardly forget the beautiful moments hand in hand in this charming place.

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