Keeping “green gold warehouse” on ancient rocky mountains

Anyone who has been to Coc Ly is eager to come to admire and explore the unique wooded forest here. From Coc Ly Lake near Sapa Vietnam, crossing the slope of the sky gate with white clouds stretching across our heads, we are present in the kingdom of millennia-old wood on the highest rocky mountain in this region. The thousand-year-old “grandfather” stands at the beginning of the forest in Coc Sam village, 3.2 meters in diameter, nearly 50 meters high, up to 10 meters in circumference, lumpy with a giant tumor with a sign of a 1,000-year-old heritage tree.

Ranger station chief Dang Van Toan said that this is the largest gnashing tree in the northern mountainous region, estimated at about 60-70 m3 of wood. It has been struck by lightning many times and has lost its leaves, but the “grandfather” is still green. , firmly on the rocky mountain. Anyone who has been to Coc Ly near Sapa Vietnam wants to see with their own eyes the thousand-year-old “grandfather” and the “unique” wood and mussel forest here. Mr. Dang Van Toan informed that the population of gnat and mussel forest with nearly 260ha, distributed in sub-zones 164 and 165 in the territory of six villages: Bom Village, Da-Sin Chai Village, Pam Village, Tham Phuc, Nam Ke and Nam Ke Village

There are a total of 827 gnats and mussels with a diameter of 30cm to 3.2 meters, which is considered the “green gold warehouse” of Coc Ly near Sapa Vietnam. That’s how precious wood is, the newly opened road is smooth and well-ventilated, the population is very sparse, walking for a kilometer without a house, but what surprised me is that the forest is still intact as it is, unharmed. .

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