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While other famous pottery villages in the North have been very developed, Tho Ha pottery is just starting to recover after decades of pottery kilns extinguished. According to Mr. Trinh Dac Tan – Tho Ha Pottery Cooperative, although there are still many difficulties, but potters here are determined to bring Tho Ha pottery back to its right position, such as Bat Trang pottery, Phu Lang pottery.

In the past, Tho Ha pottery had a market all the way from Nghe An onwards. Hang Mam, Hanoi used to be the trading center of Tho Ha pottery for several centuries. Tho Ha pottery is a household ceramic, so it is known by consumers, but experts know not much. Currently, familiar markets are Hoa Binh, Hai Duong, Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Bac Giang…

The products include 2 branches: pure household pottery (jars, small crockery, sarcophagus, which Phu Lang is doing a lot, in the past it belonged to Tho Ha, not Phu Lang…); household handicrafts (pots). Tho Ha Pottery Cooperative makes both types of products in parallel. The revenue from cottage industry now accounts for more. Fine arts products have not done much, but the added value is higher.

Indeed ceramic restoration is a difficult matter. If the profession can be restored, a good traditional product can be produced, and the unit operates effectively, it is considered a success. Currently, many young people want to make pottery, but the cooperative cannot gather that force when it is still having financial difficulties. However, if 1 year ago, the difficulty was 100%, now it is only a few dozen percent. I, like many Tho Ha people, promise to preserve the ceramic line of my homeland. Tho Ha will forever have pottery, as well as Bat Trang, Phu Lang, and Chu Dau, because it is not only a commodity but also our culture.

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