July full moon in Tho Ha ancient village

At the beginning of this month, the gates of hell opened for the souls of those who died unjustly, died unexpectedly, died without relatives to worship, … will be sent to earth to enjoy sacrifices and receive worldly goods. attachment of the worldly people, as well as looking for a substitute.

The worldly Tho Ha ancient village people want to avoid the ghosts to disturb or harm their lives, so on the full moon day of the 7th month, they hold a ceremony to present items, food and drink, and various kinds of votive papers and effigies to offer to the spirits. First, give her soul food and drink, then pray for her soul not to harm me.

Tho Ha ancient village people often worship the July full moon at the temple first and then come to worship at home. This worshiping ceremony is usually held during the day, avoid being held in the evening or at night, when the sun goes down

The July full moon is also known as the day of “Apologizing for the dead” or “offering the soul”, “offering food” (giving food). Therefore, Tho Ha ancient village people often call the July full moon “the month of the soul”.

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